The boundary walk which is just over 25 kilometres (16 miles) starts from Cubley Hall.


The route can be followed using the map provided, along the walk the marked ilrrows are easy to follow, even for the less experienced walker.


With the easy to use links above you will find all of the relevant and useful information you will need to complete the Boundary Walk.

The Route

The Boundary Walk route, please download the PDF below for a more accurate map.

When you walk you need to stay warm, cool, comfortable and dry. The key to keeping your cool in all conditions is by using the right layers. Starting with the next to skin layer, to your jacket and your socks, your walking gear should be fit for purpose.


It is possible to go complete the walk wearing jeans and trainers and a can of cola - but we don't advise that if you want to be comfortable and enjoy your walk.  Having said that, you perhaps don't need extreme boots, expensive all weather jackets and a pack more suitable to mountain explorers.



If you only buy one piece of kit for walking, we recommend you buy a good pair of walking boots.  Nothing will ruin your day more than having uncomfortable wet feet! Make sure you "break in" new walking boots before you go out seriously walking in them.  Use them for a couple of weeks before your first trip and gradually increase the length of time you wear the boots.  When the stiffness is gone and you feel  comfortable in them, that's the time to go on your walk.

What To Wear

Waterproof Jackets

With our weather being so changable, a good quality waterproof and windproof jacket or anorak is essential.  There is a big different between waterproof and just showerproof - you'll find out in the middle of Snowdonia!  Look for one with a hood and many waterproof jackets have a built-in hood which can be folded away when its not needed.  Spacious pockets are also a good idea, especially if they have zips or flaps to stop your maps, food and other items getting wet.


Everyday casual trousers are OK for easy walks, but if you're intending on walking regularly then a pair of synthetic walking trousers are a must.  These are lightweight, loose-fitting, have plenty of pockets  and dry very  quickly - very useful when on a walk.


Some walkers wear shorts in warm weather, although long trousers offer more protection against ticks, nettles and brambles.  Certains types of walking trousers allow to the legs to be zipped off to form shorts.

Hats and Gloves

Several experts now question statistiscs like up to 40% of body heat is lost through the head, but it is certainly the case that wearing a hat in winter will keep you warmer.  A hat is a must in winter, especially in the hills, and it can be worn under a jacket hood.  It also protects your ears too.


Gloves are also important in cold weather, especially if you suffer from circulation problems such as chilblains.  Walking with a good posture means you should be able to swing your arms freely, so putting your hands in your pockets isn't  a good idea.


When it's sunny, wear a sunhat and use sun cream on your face and any bare patches of skin.  You may be out in the sun for long periods without shelter and even in a cooling wind or in winter you can still get burnt.


The basic idea of outdoor clothing is layering - this means using several thin layers of clothing rather than one thick jumper.  This is because warm air gets trapped between the several thin layers providing better insulation, and  you can add or remove layers as you get hotter or colder.


This will be one of the most important pieces of equipment on your walk, so don't forget it!

You can find the section with all available route information here.

The Boundary Walk Map

Other items...

More food and water than you think you'll need  (at least ½ litre of water for every 5 miles, and more on a hot day)


Basic First Aid kit


Snacks, eg chocolate, sweets, nuts, Kendal mint cake


Sunglasses and suntan lotion in sunny weather


Cash for phone box (remote areas often don't have mobile reception) or bus/taxi if something goes wrong


Spare clothes in a bag inside your Rucksack